Eye Candy Caddies Company Overview

Eye Candy CaddiesEye Candy Caddies Ltd was created in 2005 and since its launch 6 years ago 'The Caddies' have grown from strength to strength. Our exciting new business idea has enabled us to bring a little fun and glamour to all the golf courses across the UK and overseas.

Our unique caddy service has seen an ever increasing demand that we decided to expand our services further. We wanted to offer so much more than just a Caddy for your golf day. So now we host our very own exclusive Eye Candy Caddies Charity Golf Days in multiple locations across the UK. These are hugely popular and are definitely a special day that will be remembered forever.

Recently we have had a few requests from female golfers as to when they are able to book their male Eye Candy Caddies for the day. Well the wait is over. We have just recruited, and are currently training, our first group of male Eye Candy Caddies! We have made sure they are equally as gorgeous as the girls.

The Eye Candy Caddies turn heads wherever they go. We are very proud to have such a successful team of hardworking staff and caddies that provide you with an excellent service and a great experience!

We always make your golf day gorgeous!